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A goal without a plan is just a wish

29 Mar

Maybe that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote will give me the kick in the butt that I need this weekend to get some crafting done!

Because I have some big plans for this weekend. That spool that I posted about? I’m finally going to paint it. Todd is going to craft a middle shelf and add some dowels to make separate areas so it looks more like a bookshelf. I decided to just paint it black and add tons of colorful accessories, like a round cushion and colorful books. I’ve already started compiling some books that I plan to stash there, like the super cool, really old Nancy Drew books with the yellow spine. I found those beauties at a used book store for $0.50 a pop! Steal!

I also plan to try to do some picture transfers onto wood! I found a tutorial that looks pretty easy to follow (not to mention how snarky it is and I love snark) and I’m going to hunt down some pictures tonight. I found these really cool platters that had weirdo Victorian pictures on them of animals dressed in formal attire and I love them with my entire being. If anyone knows where I can find pictures like that to print, LET ME KNOW, because I want that in my house. Forever.

I’m hoping to at least get these two projects done, since we have Monday off from work.

What are you doing this weekend? Any big projects, or Easter plans? I can’t wait to get my craft on!


My Adventures in Bath Scrubs: A Conclusion

27 Feb

I’ve come to a final verdict about the bath scrub that I made. I will not be using olive oil again. At least for bath scrubs. It’s delicious with veggies 🙂

I used it again this morning and tried a different method. I used the scrub before using body wash, hoping that it would rinse away some of the oily feeling, but it did not. And the oil overtook the delicious scent of peppermint oil so that I felt like I had never even put any in. Despite all of this though, my legs did feel a bit smoother.

I think it was a good starting place for getting into DIY bath scrubs. I’ve decided that next time I’m going to use coconut oil. Or maybe I’ll even go crazy and use unscented lotion instead, like Aveeno, for extra healing power.

Making that scrub the other night though really got me in the mood to DIY all of the things. But the canvas board that I had needed to be primed, so I couldn’t paint those. I perused pinterest and found this site for two free mandala print-outs.


I printed one and spent about an hour painting it. I still had some pearlizing medium so I used that in some of the blue as well to liven it up a bit. I plan to frame it and include it as part of my gallery wall, whenever I get around to doing that.

After making bath scrub and then painting this (with primed canvas boards drying in the garage), my creative itch was scratched. Do you ever feel like you just need to be creative or you might explode?

After Spool Project

9 Jan

Hi all. Just wanted to share a picture of something I plan to refurbish:


Can you believe I found this on the side of the road!? You can bet your bottom dollar I made Todd jump out and steal it 🙂

I love the look of rustic-items-turned-furniture. I’m still playing with ideas on how to treat the wood but I know I want some kind of cushion on top. I might also add a middle shelf so that it’s easier to put smaller books and tchotchkes on it. I’ll have at least four dowels as support as well.

Unfortunately I need to wait for it to be fixed first since, as you can see, the top two pieces of wood are separating. There are also some dangerous-looking staples sticking out in random places.

Now should I paint, stain or do something totally different with it? The possibilities are endless! What are your thoughts?

Failed Pinterest Crafternoon

16 Oct

Have you seen those websites dedicated to the idiots that can’t follow a simple craft on Pinterest? Usually I read them and think, “I know exactly what they did wrong!” But this time I did one… and it just didn’t… look right.

The basic idea: get a few pieces of canvas or canvas board. Paint the boards whatever color your little heart desires. Find some leaves or flowers and lay them down on the (dry) canvas boards. Spray paint over so that you create a silhouette. Ta da!

Not so. At least not for me. It looked so neat on the website! I only spent $2.50 on three boards that were probably 12×9 and I already had paint and leaves are free, so it wasn’t a huge loss, but they just looked so … sad. The first board I painted a light green. I had some dark silver spray paint leftover from painting a wine rack so I used that with some large sugar maple leaves.

green, blue, orange

green, blue, orange

My main concern was that the leaves didn’t want to stay in place while spray painting. I didn’t want to tape them down and ruin the paint underneath. So the leaves ended up moving about and the edges were rather blurred.

maple leaves

maple leaves

I decided to take a different approach with the other two, painted orange and teal/blue, respectively. I used smaller leaves for these ones and held each leaf down as I used silver acrylic paint and a paint brush to apply the shiny top coat.

orange and blue

orange and blue

This method worked infinitely better but there were other issues…

dirty painting

dirty painting

The residue from the leaf adhered itself to the orange portion of the board. Unfortunately I mixed that color myself and I am terrible at matching colors that I’ve mixed previously.

Overall this project was a huge FAIL. I’m going to get some spray primer and re-do these with a different Pinterest craft! Hopefully that one will turn out better than this one.

What kinds of crafts do you like to do? Any great ideas come from a Pinterest board? Or have some of your great ideas flopped, like mine? I’d love to hear!