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Let’s talk about fresh, baby

8 Apr

Listen, this is my blog. So of course I’m going to talk about things I want to talk about. I’m hoping that my things will help you with your things, though. Like armpits. Or underarms if you want to be classy.

Why are we talking about armpits? Because I recently switched deodorant. In my efforts to be more green and be nicer to my body, I thought I’d switch to Tom’s of Maine, which I’m now seeing was a mistake, and you’ll see why soon.

I used to use this deodorant, by Suave:


I liked it well enough. It kept the smells at bay, but it didn’t do a whole lot for antiperspirant. It’s also full of chemicals.

So I switched to Tom’s antiperspirant:


What I didn’t realize until later is that you have to buy the specific Aluminum-free Tom’s if you want to get the supposedly non-cancer causing deodorant.

Now, there are some pros and cons to this antiperspirant.

– it has a nice smell.
– it has alleviated my sensitive skin issue so that when I shave, it doesn’t get as irritated.
– it’s more natural than my previous deodorant.

– it has nearly 30% aluminum (the Suave had less than 9%!)
– it is not a very good deodorant; I find myself pretty obnoxious by the end of the day.
– because it’s made from a lot of natural oils, it has a more solid consistency than most deodorants.
– IT HAS NEARLY 30% ALUMINUM! the more I think about it, the more I need to switch to the aluminum-free version.

You never realize how much research you have to do until later when you realized that the chemicals and harmful products you were trying to get away from are the ones that are pumped right into the products you thought were best!

Also, I would like to apologize for the lack of a post about my recent DIY projects. My poor 6-year old MacBook is too ancient to want to let me use WordPress. So uploading a post FULL of pictures can get very tedious. Along with that, the battery in our garage door opening died, leaving us shut out of the (detached) garage for a couple of days, so we only just got the spool inside as of yesterday. I promise to share pictures and how-tos this week!


This one is about running

9 Oct

I ran again last night! The cooler night air that’s setting in is perfect for evening jogs. I’ve been following the app on my phone to help me get in shape for the 5k on Thanksgiving. Each week the intensity gets a little higher. This week is as follows:
– 5 minute warm-up walk
– (90 seconds of jogging, 2 minutes of running) x 6
– 5 minute cool-down walk

Next week it ramps up quite a bit. The running portions are two cycles of 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking, 3 minutse running, 3 minutes walking. That’s 3 whole minutes of running continuously! Hopefully I can keep up the pace. I find that it’s harder to run outside. My running buddy, Claire, said that I run a little faster than she does which she likes, because she feels like she runs too slow. I had no idea I ran so quickly! Maybe that’s why I feel like I can barely make it to the end of the cycle when I’m on pavement. I don’t have the treadmill speed to keep me steady.

Another thing I’m trying to do more, along with this whole jogging thing, is drink a ton more water. Plain water is boring to me though so I’ve started putting lemon in water to make it a little more interesting.

What are some tips you have for a new runner? Anything that helps you focus on the running or any other ideas?

Garbage Monday

8 Oct

I promise, this post has nothing to do with garbage. I’m just calling Monday garbage. Monday, you are garbage! It was okay until I got to work and realized someone changed the settings on my desk chair. MY desk chair! That I had perfected! The back angle was perfect. The bottoms of my feet touched the ground perfectly (which, if you know me, does not happen often, I’m usually dangling my feet like a child). I sat down… and my feet dangled. This wasn’t the worst part though. The worst part was the yellow crusty stuff stiffened on the seat.

Like I said, garbage.

But. I’m sure the day will redeem itself. Won’t you, Monday? After all, I have leftover shepherd’s pie for lunch!

On another note, today will be day 5 out of the past 8 that I’ll be going running! I’m so proud of myself. I just need to keep it up. I plan to run at least three times a week, and one time will have to be outside so I can get used to running on pavement. My friend Claire is also joining me in training for the 5k. She’s run races before but she claims she’s out of shape (I don’t believe her ;)). So we’re doing the couch to 5k app together and it’s going great. It is so much easier to get through a run when you have someone to goof around with. Plus, the weather is cooling down so it’s easier to get outside and run without melting instantly. Running at the gym on a treadmill is nice because you keep a steady pace and you don’t have to worry about dodging dog poop. But it’s so BORING. I listen to music while I run but it doesn’t stop me from staring at the time on the app and willing it to move back to the ‘walking’ portion of the cycle.

Six and a half weeks until the race! If I keep up with the app, then I’ll be ready for the 5k. Assuming I don’t hurt myself in the meantime 🙂

I am just the worst

2 Oct

I am not good at blogging lately. More often than not, I just want to read or watch an episode or two of Ugly Betty (have you ever watched it? I watched it when it was on regularly and loved it … now rewatching :)).

I’ve also been dealing with a few health issues. Nothing major, just a few things that are my body’s way of letting me know I’m declining towards death.

On the bright side though, it’s fall! Except not. Because it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today. On October 2nd. Normally by this time, even in northern California, things start to cool down a bit. This past September was one of the hottest on record. I love summertime and all of the summer activities that go along with it. But only while it’s supposed to last. Now I want to drink warm drinks, wear scarves and boots and not sweat my face off when I run through a corn maze or a pumpkin patch. Is that so much to ask?

I also finally finished King’s It. Took me damn near a month to read it! Actually I think it was longer… but anything more than a couple weeks for me is just ridiculous. It is a 1000+ page book after all, so it’s not surprising. And I flew through the last 300 pages or so because I just couldn’t put it down. Overall it was a really, absolutely wonderful book. I was terrified. I couldn’t read at night if Todd wasn’t home. And I loved it. King gives such great details about every character that by the end of the book you feel like you actually know these people. I understand now why my friend David said he’s read it twice and because I was reading it, thinking about reading it for a third time!

I’m going to try to get back on the Pinterest Food Challenge wagon again this week, too! Visit my friend Stephanie’s blog to check out some of the recipes she’s tried out. Because it’s so hot this week, I refuse to turn on my stove. Most people think of crock pots as only being for hearty, mid-winter meals. Alas, they are not! Yesterday I made taco chicken; a pound of chicken breasts, a couple cups of your favorite salsa and a packet of taco seasoning – 8 hours on low, and voila! Taco chicken! Tomorrow I’ll be making a crab and corn soup. You’re probably thinking, “soup is for cold days!” but with some fresh chunks of avocado and some iced tea, I think it’ll be a perfect late-summer dish.

And because my favorite holiday is Halloween – what are your ideas for costumes? Got any great Halloween plans? I still haven’t picked out a costume so I have to get on that soon! Any ideas for someone who loves to be ghoulish and unique?