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It’s not easy being green

8 Mar

Last night, Todd and I watched the documentary “No Impact Man.” Basically it made me feel like I’m not doing enough to be “green.”

I use 98% biodegradable shampoo (not only when I’m camping, but also for daily use).
I use the Method cleaning products from Target.
I reuse shopping bags.
We recycle most glass/plastic/paper items.

But I still use a lot of paper products for cleaning, like paper towels. And we produce a good amount of garbage. We leave electronics and chargers plugged in all the time. We drive cars. And I feel like there’s so much more we could change.

This past week, I had a state car for the use of commuting to some county offices, and I was lucky enough to snag a Nissan Leaf. (Note: I am in no way affiliated with or being paid by Nissan.) This car was … awesome. To say the least. I had to plug it in a couple of times to recharge it since it only gets about 100 miles (max) if you’re not using the A/C or stereo or things like that. It would be wonderful for shorter trips around town and things of that sort and would make so much less impact than a gasoline car. And because it doesn’t have a traditional motor, it’s got a lot of space inside, despite being compact. And of course it was tons of fun to drive. That little car has some ZIP! I would definitely consider getting an all-electric car, and it might be something that I think about more seriously in the future.

But what about right now? What do you do that is “green?” Do you make your own cleaning products? I want to do so much more but I think I need to start in smaller steps, implement things over time, like I have been with my shampoo and other cleaning products and toiletries.