Who are you?

27 Mar

Yesterday, I had exactly 100 views on my blog! This is the most ever, actually by more than double my previous highest-views.

But, no one commented. On anything. So it makes me wonder, who is looking at my blog? I know some friends do, and my mom does occasionally because she thinks I’m just so special. She’s always loved my “websites” even when they were just geocities links with the simplest HTML codes and pictures of me.


Old Owl Lady

Sometimes I pose for photos with old owls and vintage hats.

Paige is Corey is Paige

Sometimes, I look like Corey Feldman, in his 80s childhood stardom.

the boyfriend completes the picture

Usually I’m smiling, while my boyfriend makes faces in the background. And I say usually because this happens often.

chair dance

I like to dance on chairs. At house parties or weddings. I do not discriminate. And this is not the only photographic evidence of such.

that is not the ocean

I like to kayak sometimes! Although water terrifies me. I must be a masochist. That is also not the ocean, despite the kayak stating otherwise. Go home, kayak, you’re drunk.

heyy you guyyys

I also have a Master’s degree in English Literature, which I am clearly very excited about (despite not doing the things I wanted to do with it).


Lastly, I like to make faces. And my best friend creates collages of us with said made faces.

So that’s who I am. But who are you?


Support Equality

26 Mar

Today and tomorrow, the Supreme Court will be discussing same-sex marriage. Basically there are two parts: the first, today’s, was about whether or not California’s Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. In my opinion, it is, but I’ll get to that. Secondly, tomorrow, they will be discussing the federal government and benefits for same-sex couples. Of course, the final decisions won’t be made until the end of the term in June.


Now what does all of this mean? If Proposition 8 is overruled and same-sex couples are recognized nationwide, this means that our friends and family and coworkers who are LGBTQ will be able to not only get married but will also gain other benefits, like insurance and hospital visits, amongst a host of other things.

This means another step towards equality. I say another step because you know this doesn’t mean that everyone will automatically change their views and believe that gay marriage is right or even that homosexuality is not a sin. Some people believe that, and I do not fault them that for their views. But I do not agree.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had gay friends. Mostly, you’d never know they were gay unless they told you. Because gays are not different from you or I. They don’t look or act differently because they are our fellow human beings.

I grew up in a loving household. My dad once told me he didn’t care who I loved, despite being a life-long military man where homosexuality was staunchly and opposed outright for hundreds of years.

My mom’s best friend is gay. And she’s part of our family. When my dad is out of the country, she and my mom go on dates. Fortunately, my family lives in Massachusetts, which was the first state in America to allow same-sex couples to marry. So my mom’s friend has all the same benefits when it comes to her family that my mom and dad have (at least at the state level). And I am grateful for that.

I want that for everyone. Because essentially, your relationship does not change or alter mine. It doesn’t change the meaning of it, or the verity.

I support equality for everyone. Do you?


Also, if you’re a visual learner like me, see this link to read about what the possible outcomes are of today’s and tomorrow’s discussions.

Give me a hand

25 Mar

Hi all. Sorry again for the lack of posts lately. I have a legitimate excuse: I had surgery on my hand about 9 days ago. I was drugged up for a solid week thanks to some fantastic painkillers, but I rarely got near a computer. I spent a solid amount of time either asleep or reading.

As for what I’ve been reading lately, I’ve slowed down quite a bit. I think I’ve only read about 3 books since the beginning of February. They’re long books though, including Shadow of Night, the sequel to Discovery of Witches, and the first Game of Thrones. I just received (no joke) 5 ebooks from the library though so I’ll be getting my reading on and get back to you with some reviews!

It’s not easy being green

8 Mar

Last night, Todd and I watched the documentary “No Impact Man.” Basically it made me feel like I’m not doing enough to be “green.”

I use 98% biodegradable shampoo (not only when I’m camping, but also for daily use).
I use the Method cleaning products from Target.
I reuse shopping bags.
We recycle most glass/plastic/paper items.

But I still use a lot of paper products for cleaning, like paper towels. And we produce a good amount of garbage. We leave electronics and chargers plugged in all the time. We drive cars. And I feel like there’s so much more we could change.

This past week, I had a state car for the use of commuting to some county offices, and I was lucky enough to snag a Nissan Leaf. (Note: I am in no way affiliated with or being paid by Nissan.) This car was … awesome. To say the least. I had to plug it in a couple of times to recharge it since it only gets about 100 miles (max) if you’re not using the A/C or stereo or things like that. It would be wonderful for shorter trips around town and things of that sort and would make so much less impact than a gasoline car. And because it doesn’t have a traditional motor, it’s got a lot of space inside, despite being compact. And of course it was tons of fun to drive. That little car has some ZIP! I would definitely consider getting an all-electric car, and it might be something that I think about more seriously in the future.

But what about right now? What do you do that is “green?” Do you make your own cleaning products? I want to do so much more but I think I need to start in smaller steps, implement things over time, like I have been with my shampoo and other cleaning products and toiletries.

My Adventures in Bath Scrubs: A Conclusion

27 Feb

I’ve come to a final verdict about the bath scrub that I made. I will not be using olive oil again. At least for bath scrubs. It’s delicious with veggies 🙂

I used it again this morning and tried a different method. I used the scrub before using body wash, hoping that it would rinse away some of the oily feeling, but it did not. And the oil overtook the delicious scent of peppermint oil so that I felt like I had never even put any in. Despite all of this though, my legs did feel a bit smoother.

I think it was a good starting place for getting into DIY bath scrubs. I’ve decided that next time I’m going to use coconut oil. Or maybe I’ll even go crazy and use unscented lotion instead, like Aveeno, for extra healing power.

Making that scrub the other night though really got me in the mood to DIY all of the things. But the canvas board that I had needed to be primed, so I couldn’t paint those. I perused pinterest and found this site for two free mandala print-outs.


I printed one and spent about an hour painting it. I still had some pearlizing medium so I used that in some of the blue as well to liven it up a bit. I plan to frame it and include it as part of my gallery wall, whenever I get around to doing that.

After making bath scrub and then painting this (with primed canvas boards drying in the garage), my creative itch was scratched. Do you ever feel like you just need to be creative or you might explode?

DIY Body Scrub: Half of a Verdict

26 Feb

Good day, all. Yesterday I talked about DIY body scrub and how it’s all the rage now (is that saying still all the rage too? I can never keep up). So I decided to whip up a batch for myself.


– oil (from what I read, most kinds will work: baby, olive, veggie, coconut; I used olive)
– granulated sugar or salt (I used sugar since I have sensitive skin; if you’re skin is extra sensitive, try brown sugar)
– essential oil (optional; I used peppermint!)


Mix one part oil to two parts salt or sugar. Add a few drops of whichever oil you prefer. Because I used olive oil in mine, it looks yellowy green, like olive oil… mixed in sugar … ah, yeah. I know, obvious. But it smells like peppermint! Which is divine, and soothing. I like soothing.

This morning, after my usual shower routine, I scrubbed some of the concoction on my legs and ankles, where I’m usually the driest, then rinsed. Ladies, make sure you do this either before shaving your legs, or at least 24 hours after, since the mixture is meant to be slightly abrasive (hence the term scrub). If you don’t mind being a little grizzly (I don’t, it’s wintertime! My gams are hidden under tall socks and stockings!), go for the no-shave option.

After I stepped out of the shower, I patted my legs dry… and felt oily. I hear you, you’re saying, “duh?” I know. I rub oil on my legs, I should expect to feel oily. And since I hadn’t shaved my legs, I felt oily and stubbly. My legs felt softer though, and I think after a few more days of using the scrub, I’ll see better results. And next time I think I might use baby oil or coconut oil instead, so I don’t feel like I’m getting ready to turn myself into a stew.

Scrub Your Cares Away

25 Feb

Apparently, DIY body scrub is the new cool thing. Two different friends (in different time zones, even) posted about DIY body scrub. I’ve never purchased body scrub, and I’ve only used it once before (stole some from my then-roommate who was a total b-word [oh, and stealing is wrong, kids, she actually told me I could use it]). Maybe I haven’t used it because it’s expensive, or something? But my itchy, dry winter skin needs some reviving! I already have all of the ingredients, so why not? I’ll do this tonight and report back later this week!

In the meantime, check out Janelle’s blog for her FTM Friday (now you know I neglect checking my Google Reader on weekends…) where she talks about all of the awesome, regular-use items that you can make for SUPER CHEAP! And while you’re at it, check out Stephanie’s blog where she gives some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own DIY body scrub! Happy scrubbing, friends!