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This Post is Boring

7 Feb

I feel like I had a good run over the last couple weeks. I posted quite a few times and felt so inspired! And now … not so much. I feel uninspired at work, on my blog… just uninspired.

I’m also feeling uninspired with books. I lost my great-book streak when I started A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. First, I read the whole Smoking Gun article (found here). I still tried to go into the book with an open mind, just reading it as fiction, of course. But this book was just vitriolic spew (pun definitely intended) that I could not get through. I managed to read eight chapters before calling it quits. It was disgusting and not very well written. Repetition is fine, but repetition of vomiting and the same curses… is not my thing. I have no problem reading about that kind of stuff, but it just kept happening over and over and OVER. And after starting it, it really bothered me that he told everyone it was all truth, when in fact, most of it was not. That is not a memoir. After I quit that book, I started Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood. I really enjoyed Oryx and Crake so I’m looking forward to this one. And I received book #2 in Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate Series. And! I’m meeting her at a book signing in a couple weeks. Yay, books! What books are you reading these days?

In other news, it’s a gray day outside. I was looking forward to running around the Capitol tonight. I only live about 2 miles from it and I believe it’s 2 miles around. The great part is that it’s one giant park so you don’t have to worry about crossing streets or cars. You know, unless some car decides it wants to drive on the sidewalk. In which case, shout: “Go home car! You’re drunk!” But. It is a gray day, so if it rains, running will commence on a treadmill at the gym. Bonus part about that: hot tub. There’s no hot tub at the Capitol. Someone should get on that…

Also, I am questioning my sanity lately. I’m a little weird, and most people know it. Last night Todd had a lonely sock, so of course I put it on my hand and grumbled, “put your foot in me!” And then I couldn’t stop laughing for a solid half an hour. Even laughed about it in the shower this morning. Todd’s response was, “you’re weird.” Yes, and thank you for noticing.

Well, this has been a general update. If you’re in New Englad, please keep safe in the blizzard! If you’re anywhere else… I hope your Friday and weekend are great and snow free 🙂


The Evolution of Hair

23 Jan

If you’ve followed along with my blog for the past year, then you know I had a rather horrific hairtastrophe right after Christmas 2011. I went to my mom’s hairdresser and she must have mistaken me for my 89 year old grandmother.

Here’s a picture to remind you of how horrid it was:

short hair

Everyone SWEARS that I looked good and it was a nice haircut, but it was absolutely NOT what I wanted, nor did I agree with any of them. I didn’t suit me at all. Speaking of suits, how handsome is my guy? 🙂

After it grew out for a couple months, it was looking pretty shaggy and I was lucky enough to be turned onto an amazing hairdresser in Sacramento: Sara. My first experience with her was wonderful. I might have been in the chair for 2 hours, but she knew what she was doing, and she did it well.

middle hair

This was taken at my cousin’s wedding in May. It was growing out, but not quite to where I wanted it to be.

After that, I let it grow out until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

old hair

(Ignore the weird face. The reasoning behind that is that whenever I get all dolled up, I feel like my glasses detract from everything I just did. So it goes.)

At this point, it was long enough and the layers had grown out so much that I was having trouble doing stuff with it. It usually ended up in pins (like above) which I do love doing (since I adore the 1940’s look) and sometimes even a ponytail which I don’t really like doing.

This month I knew I’d be getting an overtime check so I made an appointment with Sara, the magician of hair, and was itching to get into that seat. She again, worked wonders on my hair. I showed her a picture of the style I had in mind and she executed it perfectly.

new hair

Is she not wonderful? (She is.)

The picture isn’t that great quality but it’s never easy taking a selfie 😛

I’m so happy that my curls are no longer mad at me for shearing them off. They all together disappeared for awhile and once they were back, they did not want to look right or do what I told them to. Now they’re back, and I’m pampering them with some Moroccan Oil curl cream, which I highly recommend if you want soft, light curls.

And that’s my hair’s story of 2012 🙂

In the Land of Dreams

10 Dec

I have crazy dreams. I’m not saying my dreams are weird… I am saying they are off-the-wall, no explanation, absolutely bonkers almost all of the time. Some dreams I can interpret fairly well. Others… I’m just baffled as to where my mind comes up with such audacious ideas.

Last week I had one of those dreams where I could pick it apart easily and assign a meaning to each piece.

I was on a giant swing attached to cable lines, like one would see on a gondola at an amusement park, soaring over vast expanses of beautiful fields. It was serene and relaxing, as I am not at all afraid of heights. I passed over an oasis of clear, blue water, with just few enough beach-goes that it still seemed tranquil. I woke up feeling light and happy.

While this might not be obvious to you all, it is glaringly clear to me. The swings came from an art exhibit I had researched online. It’s a set-up in New York, where there are giant board-style wooden swings hanging from rafters in a warehouse, cordoned off by billowing white sheets. The point of this exhibit is to help people find their inner-child again.
The second part, the oasis, is most definitely because my best friend left to go on a tropical vacation this weekend and I am insanely jealous. I guess I had my own little tropical vacation in my dreams though!


Last night for dreaming was a different scenario. I have no idea what far stretches of my mind came up with this one.

I was searching for a shower… wandering through long halls covered in tile with women showering in stalls that were surrounded by only glass. I clutched my towel and clean stack of clothes to my chest and searched for a more private area to shower. I finally found them but here the dream skips a beat. I am then being driven by a woman to a place I had to go to. Somehow I knew I was in England, and she had a British accent. She was kind enough to offer me a ride to my destination. Once there, I realized it was a town hall-type of meeting, except everyone there was around my age – no elders or 30-somethings to be seen. My phone rang and I was then speaking to my mother. Now this phone was something out of the early 1990’s. I made a joke to my neighbor that it was, “a Zach Morris kind of phone,” and then thought to myself that she probably had no idea what I was talking about, because that’s an American show. Then it suddenly occurred to me, “I don’t have a passport! How did I get here? Wait … I am already here, so I have nothing to worry about.”

And then the dream ends. I think we can infer some meaning from the first part of the dream… fear of being naked in public, maybe? But the rest, I am baffled. There have been others in the past that I wake up thinking that I wish I was better at putting into words what happens in my dreams because these dreams confuse the snot out of me. They’re usually fun and full of adventure though, so I’m not complaining!

Office Haiku

15 Nov

Please stop your chewing.
It is now making me cringe.
No more chips for you.

End of the day is
nigh, but the minutes tick on
like honey through straw

Paper jam, tray one
Open top tray, flip lever
Only a test print

My cubicle, my
home. Like a den of silence,
full of cat pictures.

Reasons Why I Think I’m Funny / Why Todd and I are Perfect Together

25 Jul

This morning, I realized that two of my best friends were on planes. One to Costa Rica and the other to Chicago. I love to travel and I’ve been to neither of those places so clearly, I was jealous.

I also realized this on the bus this morning. I told Todd and he said that we were basically on a plane… the penguin of planes.

Because buses are flightless.

I said that penguins are cute though, so the bus is more like a chicken. Ugly, annoying… and still flightless.

His counter: penguins aren’t scared. They dive right into the water to get fish, “they’re not even afraid of sharks… yes… sharks in Antarctica!”

We hit some bumps, I snorted, “turbulence.”

Todd said, “too bad there’s no in-flight meal. I’m hungry!”

It’s mornings like these that I’m glad I have him with me. To make “flights” more enjoyable.


19 Jun

I realized just now how much I love to use parentheses. I use them fairly often. It’s like adding a little secret inside of a sentence. It’s a tiny sidenote for an insight on what you really mean. It can be a story told so as to hint at an underlying message without totally giving it away.

I would say I use parentheses fairly liberally. If I’m writing a somewhat lengthy email to a friend, I’ll use two, maybe three sets. I just can’t help myself!

But commas… I use them only when necessary. The Oxford comma and I are not friends. I deem you unnecessary, Oxford comma! Your pause is exorbitant, overused and grandiloquent.

What’s your favorite piece of punctuation?

What’s in a smile?

12 Jun

A smile can do a lot of things. You might not realize that. I think about it constantly.

I paid a lot of money (actually I’m still paying) to have straight teeth. I never had a terrible mouth. I was told by dentists that I had beautiful teeth. They just weren’t straight enough for my liking. Mostly just the bottom row… and to some people this might be inconsequential. But to me, it was important.

Ask any of my friends, I will almost always comment on a beautiful, gleaming mouth of chompers, and equally as often point out an ugly mug full of snaggleteeth. I know not everyone has access to great dental care, but there’s something so aesthetically pleasing to me about a beautiful smile.

After saying all of this, you might find it odd to hear that I feel awkward when I smile. I’m not talking about the smiling when I’m with great friends, having a drink and telling hilarious stories. I’m talking about the smile when you pass someone familiar at work and feel the need to acknowledge them so they don’t think you’re a total jerkwad.

In my mind, this smile looks more like I’m straining to lift the edges of my lips to snarl. But if I give them a full-mouth smile, I look like a crazed jackal. You’d think having worked in retail for so many years I would have found a way to remedy this. Unfortunately I feel more awkward than ever. I can’t even say “hello” to someone as opposed to smiling because it’ll typically turn into “hoherr…” or some other mumbled version of a greeting.

Maybe I should stop overthinking all of this. Maybe I’ll just start waving and full-teeth smiling and saying “HELLO FRIEND!” to everyone I see. That will definitely make people like me.