Support Equality

26 Mar

Today and tomorrow, the Supreme Court will be discussing same-sex marriage. Basically there are two parts: the first, today’s, was about whether or not California’s Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. In my opinion, it is, but I’ll get to that. Secondly, tomorrow, they will be discussing the federal government and benefits for same-sex couples. Of course, the final decisions won’t be made until the end of the term in June.


Now what does all of this mean? If Proposition 8 is overruled and same-sex couples are recognized nationwide, this means that our friends and family and coworkers who are LGBTQ will be able to not only get married but will also gain other benefits, like insurance and hospital visits, amongst a host of other things.

This means another step towards equality. I say another step because you know this doesn’t mean that everyone will automatically change their views and believe that gay marriage is right or even that homosexuality is not a sin. Some people believe that, and I do not fault them that for their views. But I do not agree.

As long as I can remember, I’ve had gay friends. Mostly, you’d never know they were gay unless they told you. Because gays are not different from you or I. They don’t look or act differently because they are our fellow human beings.

I grew up in a loving household. My dad once told me he didn’t care who I loved, despite being a life-long military man where homosexuality was staunchly and opposed outright for hundreds of years.

My mom’s best friend is gay. And she’s part of our family. When my dad is out of the country, she and my mom go on dates. Fortunately, my family lives in Massachusetts, which was the first state in America to allow same-sex couples to marry. So my mom’s friend has all the same benefits when it comes to her family that my mom and dad have (at least at the state level). And I am grateful for that.

I want that for everyone. Because essentially, your relationship does not change or alter mine. It doesn’t change the meaning of it, or the verity.

I support equality for everyone. Do you?


Also, if you’re a visual learner like me, see this link to read about what the possible outcomes are of today’s and tomorrow’s discussions.


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