“Cupid is Stupid”

14 Feb

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. And no, it’s not because I never had anyone to celebrate with or I was cynical about looove or whatever. I just make sure to tell the people I love that I love them whenever I feel the need to. Every day, if I can. Getting off the phone, or just in a text message. Even a silly picture posted on Facebook. And I don’t just mean Todd. I mean Calyn and other friends and my family. I’m always thankful to have people to love that love me back.

source: google images

source: google images

One of my more memorable Valentine’s Days was actually with Calyn and our friend Laura. We got a few bottles of wine, watched Mary Poppins and just hung out. It was really nice and a lot of fun, considering we didn’t have any bottle openers and had to get down MacGyver style.

source: google images

source: google images

Another great one that I remember didn’t actually occur on Valentine’s Day.

In college I was an RA. One of the requirements was that every month we had to create a program for the residents on our floor, and also bring them to a program being hosted somewhere on campus. Sometimes it could be darn difficult to get residents to go to events. A certain amount of those events had to be educational in some way, so oftentimes I would spin my rationale. Like, if it was a concert, I’d say we were becoming more culturally aware through music. It worked well enough.


source: google images

For Valentine’s Day my junior year, in 2007, I decided to have an event for my residents centered around Valentine’s Day, that I called “Cupid is Stupid.” I got a purchase order for a couple different stores – a party store, KMart, etc. – and got everything I needed for homemade chocolates, cards and gifts; construction paper, ribbon, confetti, foil, chinese boxes, white chocolate, milk chocolate, different colored chocolate! And for the educational aspect: I posted facts all over the walls about St. Valentine and how the holiday came to be.

It was… AWESOME. And it was the best-attended event that year! I had created it solely for my residents (I had about 30 students on my floor) and over 100 students from my building as well as the building next door showed up. At the end of the year when we had our awards ceremony, I won Program of the Year. And afterwards, other RAs had followed in my steps and created their own version of my program. Makes me feel like I left some kind of legacy behind 😉

And for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll be playing volleyball! Todd and I had planned on a date tomorrow but we hadn’t quite figured it out, and it turned into a happy hour double date! What do you have planned for this year’s V-Day? Do you love going all out or are you like me? Either way, Happy Thursday! 🙂


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