In the Land of Dreams

10 Dec

I have crazy dreams. I’m not saying my dreams are weird… I am saying they are off-the-wall, no explanation, absolutely bonkers almost all of the time. Some dreams I can interpret fairly well. Others… I’m just baffled as to where my mind comes up with such audacious ideas.

Last week I had one of those dreams where I could pick it apart easily and assign a meaning to each piece.

I was on a giant swing attached to cable lines, like one would see on a gondola at an amusement park, soaring over vast expanses of beautiful fields. It was serene and relaxing, as I am not at all afraid of heights. I passed over an oasis of clear, blue water, with just few enough beach-goes that it still seemed tranquil. I woke up feeling light and happy.

While this might not be obvious to you all, it is glaringly clear to me. The swings came from an art exhibit I had researched online. It’s a set-up in New York, where there are giant board-style wooden swings hanging from rafters in a warehouse, cordoned off by billowing white sheets. The point of this exhibit is to help people find their inner-child again.
The second part, the oasis, is most definitely because my best friend left to go on a tropical vacation this weekend and I am insanely jealous. I guess I had my own little tropical vacation in my dreams though!


Last night for dreaming was a different scenario. I have no idea what far stretches of my mind came up with this one.

I was searching for a shower… wandering through long halls covered in tile with women showering in stalls that were surrounded by only glass. I clutched my towel and clean stack of clothes to my chest and searched for a more private area to shower. I finally found them but here the dream skips a beat. I am then being driven by a woman to a place I had to go to. Somehow I knew I was in England, and she had a British accent. She was kind enough to offer me a ride to my destination. Once there, I realized it was a town hall-type of meeting, except everyone there was around my age – no elders or 30-somethings to be seen. My phone rang and I was then speaking to my mother. Now this phone was something out of the early 1990’s. I made a joke to my neighbor that it was, “a Zach Morris kind of phone,” and then thought to myself that she probably had no idea what I was talking about, because that’s an American show. Then it suddenly occurred to me, “I don’t have a passport! How did I get here? Wait … I am already here, so I have nothing to worry about.”

And then the dream ends. I think we can infer some meaning from the first part of the dream… fear of being naked in public, maybe? But the rest, I am baffled. There have been others in the past that I wake up thinking that I wish I was better at putting into words what happens in my dreams because these dreams confuse the snot out of me. They’re usually fun and full of adventure though, so I’m not complaining!


2 Responses to “In the Land of Dreams”

  1. Stephanie December 12, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    my strange dream from last night: it was the zombie apocalypse. the cast of Friends were real people and I was friends with them. we were low on food so Joey & I broke into a grocery store to stock up. and i really wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies for everyone but for some reason the chocolate chips were all just in plain zip lock bags, and I thought that it was really sad the end of the word meant there would soon be no more chocolate. and then my alarm went off.

    🙂 the end.

    • paigetopus December 12, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

      Haha wow! That is a really awesome strange dream! I have zombie and/or apocalypse dream pretty frequently. Most times they involve trying to save Cole 🙂

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