Zombie: A How-To

22 Oct

Halloween is upon us, and that means … ZOMBIES!!!

(Disclaimer: if you’re squeamish or sensitive to scary stuff, this post might not be for you!)

I’ve posted before about how much I love Halloween. I really, really REALLY do. I always make sure that I am dead at least one night out of the year, since I often have more than one thing going on. This year I got to participate in the first annual Running Dead Sacramento Zombie Mud Run! It was the most unorganized event I’ve ever been to but I still had tons of fun.

And I decided what better time than now to give you a zombie how-to tutorial!

The first thing I did was buy a hideous outfit that I didn’t mind ruining. This year, I went for an elementary school teacher looking dress from roughly 1984. Teal, big gold buttons, huge shoulderpads. Then I ripped it to shreds and covered it in black paint (when dried it looks like blood). This was all done before the day of the race.

On the day of the race I started out with a shower: clean fresh face and hair are important! I put on my daily moisturizer with SPF 15 so as not to let the make-up clog up my pores.

First, I started with a base of white cream-make up. I used my fingers but if you’re looking for more even coverage, I would use a make-up sponge applicator. I made sure to do my neck as well. These tubes I got for about $1 each at Target. They’re usually anywhere from $1 – $3 depending on the brand and where you get them, but they’re basically all the same.

Next I accented around my eyes and cheek bones with black and green cream make-up.

After this I started on the wounds! A friend lent me his stage make-up kit that had all sorts of paint and liquid latex and other fun stuff in it. First I put down a layer of just liquid latex.

Then I took some toilet paper (paper towels would work too) and ripped it up a bit then stuck it on the latex and applied a little more latex on top.

If you apply the latex in very thin coats it will dry fairly quickly, but once you put the TP on and add more latex is stays tacky for awhile. If you’re short on time, use a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry it a little more quickly. While it’s still somewhat tacky but also a little dry, you can use your fingers to mold it. I created a crater in this wound.

After this, I applied some paint. I used varying shades of red, purple and yellow to blend and make it look extra gross.

One wound down, one to go!

I used the same method with the latex and TP for the next wound, but I wanted this one to look a little different, more like a long gash rather than a round, open wound.

I started with a dark purple line along the middle of the “gash” to create some depth then went lighter with my colors towards the outer edges of the wound.

Second wound down!

Next, I went to town with some fake blood. Be careful with this stuff though because it does stain! I squirted some in my hands and rubbed it on my face and neck. I also dripped some from the wounds to make them even more realistic.

After my blood bath, I messed up my hair with some hair spray and good ol’ fashioned teasing. I then put on some old ruined tights and ruined them further. I donned my ugly green dress and my zombie costume was almost complete!

Next up… I need some victims!

Poor Cole was the closest victim. And poor me, he doesn’t have much in the way of brains!

Overall, the make-up, wounds and hair took me about an hour. I did practice the night before though so I knew how to make the wounds without overthinking it. I highly recommend doing this, especially if you’ve never used liquid latex before. If you’re allergic, it’s not something you want to mess with.

Don’t forget a very important aspect to your zombie costume: looking dead inside! I try to unfocus my eyes and let out a guttural moan while shuffling along towards my victims.

Finally it was time to hit the road to the race! Like I said, it was super unorganized, so we got there and waited around awhile before actually getting to the course. I watched some other zombies getting their make-up done by the “professional” artists but I think my make-up looked better than most of theirs, and it was cheaper!

Here are some pictures from the race:

In search of brains.

Waiting for humans to come through the dreaded mud pit. There’s a man on the right that was pleading for his life.

And of course a post-race picture:

So muddy and bloody and gross! I ate a lot of humans that day – gorged myself on brains (flags) and human flesh (mud, inadvertently)… and it was zombietastic!


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