Apparently riding bikes is Bad News Bears

19 Oct

Recently I was at the gym, getting my workout on, and only slightly paying attention to what was on the four televisions in the main area. I had something ridiculous blasting in my ears, dubstep or rap or what have you, and couldn’t really see the captions on the TV all the way to the right. A commercial caught my eye because it showed someone trying to ride a bike, and failing… hard.

Now, let’s get this straight first: I am not a political person. I know who I want to vote for and I know the basic issues surrounding the race for presidency. That being said, I am not one to publicize my views on these issues. I’ll talk about the issues amongst friends or coworkers that I trust, but for the most part, I stay out of society’s eye with my POV.

So, this commercial… it was obviously a political candidate’s commercial bashing another political candidate. I missed the first few seconds of it so I didn’t catch exactly who it was about or who was making it, but I got the basic idea: whoever was being bashed was doing something that would raise gas prices. The way that the bashers showed that what the bashees were doing wrong was the best part of the commercial: they showed people riding bikes and trying to do every day things, like bring home groceries. These people were having a terrifically difficult time, not only because they apparently couldn’t ride bikes but also because they lacked the necessary tools to do things, like carry groceries whilst riding a bike (get a basket!). There was one clip of a woman in a skirt, haphazardly pedalling her bike as if she never learned to ride as a child, and trying to carry a bag of groceries with oranges openly strewn about within the bag. Of course the bag came crashing to the ground and she was frustratingly flailing her arms about because, higher gas prices did this.

I’m with you. Gas prices stink right now. We’re paying almost $5 a gallon in northern California. But portraying bike riding as bad? Is just ridiculous.

I think that some politicians are losing sight of what political campaigns are really about; helping those in need, making things better, bettering others and bettering themselves. In doing this they’re hurting other important things, like choosing to ride your bike to work instead of being forced, because biking is a great way to get exercise.

To be frank, I don’t care what your stance is on politics. I know what I care about and I believe that other people should have the basic human decency to care about the same things. Just don’t bash activities like riding a bike to get your point across. Okay? Okay.


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