Catching Up

17 Sep

Friends! I have been away for quite awhile… Things got busy, and now things are not busy and all I want to do is sleep.

Let’s see, what have I done lately? I promised pictures from trips that I’ve been on and I’ve yet to upload some of them. So I’ll paint you a word picture!


We went to San Francisco a few weekends back with Todd’s parents. We actually stayed in a hostel on the Marin Headlands which is in Sausalito. The hostel itself was part of Fort Barry. We stayed two nights, but I wanted to experience different types of rooms. The first night, Todd and I had a private room in what used to be the captains’ quarters. The house was located a short walk from the main building and included 4 or 5 private rooms (all with bunk beds, some more than others), a common area, dining area, kitchen and a deck to look out at the beautiful headlands. The house also had two shared bathrooms, one of which had black mold in the shower… yikes!

The second night we stayed in a dorm-style room in the main house, which is, I’m told, a lot more like what we’d stay in if we were to travel around, say, Europe. All of the rooms were titled after parks and things of that sort. Our room was The Grand Canyon, likely because it could house up to 22 people! What I learned from sleeping there, is that you have to be a very patient, laid-back person. Todd’s bottom bunk-mate was a very high strung kind of person and complained any time he so much as moved a finger. If you’re going to stay in a room with 21 other people, you should probably put away your anger and just deal, right?

While staying in the hostel was a lot of fun, the main reason we went to the city was to do a walking tour. Todd’s parents got four tickets on groupon for Emporer Norton’s Fantastic Time Tour, or something of that sort. Emporer Norton was actually nationally recognized as the Emporer of California for over 20 years, until shortly after his death. The tour was supposed to be 2 hours long but since it was the second of the day, and the man running it was obviously long-winded, the tour ran for almost 5 hours. By the time it was over, we were cold and starving. We walked through China town and found outselves at Francis Ford Copola’s Italian restaurant, Cafe Zoetrope. It was very classic, with simple yet tasty pasta dishes, and of course, delicious wine.

Another fun part about the weekend is that we stumbled upon a flash mob! Apparently it was Michael Jackson’s birthday (what, you think I follow that kind of thing?) and so they danced to a few MJ songs and some LMFAO. We knew it was coming though… the energy changed in Union Square, so we were able to capture most of it on video or in pictures.

We ended the weekend was a greasy diner breakfast. The place was called Theresa and Johnny’s and I had a dish called Really Really French Toast. Instead of bread, the toast was made from, wait for it … croissants! It was so decadent and buttery, I couldn’t even finish it.

Overall, it was a great trip. I don’t think Todd has spent that much time with his parents in a long time. I love his parents, and they have welcomed me whole-heartedly into their family, so it’s great to get to spend time with them, since my parents are so far away.


The following weekend I got to see my bestfriend/soulmate/sister. There aren’t many stories from the weekend. We drove down on a Friday night and just spent the weekend catching up, cuddling and getting to know each other’s boyfriends. I love Calyn to pieces and I hate that I only get to see her once a year or even less frequently than that.


And, finally, the weekend after that was my 26th birthday! I’ll catch you all up on that in another post though, and try to get some pictures up as well!

It was a great summer with a lot of great trips, but I’m looking forward to boots, scarves and delicious hot beverages! What’s your favorite thing about fall?


2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Stephanie September 17, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    I don’t know that I could stay in a hostel… sounds intimidating I think. Maybe I’m just a bad share-er :).


    • paigetopus September 18, 2012 at 8:52 am #

      the hostel wasn’t that bad! there were a lot of Germans there… and people are fond of sharing at hostels 🙂

      YES! well… trees don’t change as much here as they do there. some do, but they just kind of get yellow, none of the flaming-red 😦 and I’m actually not big on pumpkin everything, aside from pumpkin bread. BUT! the pumpkin season leads into the peppermint-mocha-season which is my favorite!!

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