Reasons Why I Think I’m Funny / Why Todd and I are Perfect Together

25 Jul

This morning, I realized that two of my best friends were on planes. One to Costa Rica and the other to Chicago. I love to travel and I’ve been to neither of those places so clearly, I was jealous.

I also realized this on the bus this morning. I told Todd and he said that we were basically on a plane… the penguin of planes.

Because buses are flightless.

I said that penguins are cute though, so the bus is more like a chicken. Ugly, annoying… and still flightless.

His counter: penguins aren’t scared. They dive right into the water to get fish, “they’re not even afraid of sharks… yes… sharks in Antarctica!”

We hit some bumps, I snorted, “turbulence.”

Todd said, “too bad there’s no in-flight meal. I’m hungry!”

It’s mornings like these that I’m glad I have him with me. To make “flights” more enjoyable.


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