Productivity at its finest

23 Jul

“Happy Monday!” Someone said that to me seriously this morning. I had to remember that I work in an office and cannot make sarcastic comments. I was as friendly as possible though… probably because I had had my coffee already.

I always hate to see a weekend end, but this weekend was an especially good one. Saturday was spent at The Old Sugar Mill. It has a few wineries in it (some of which actually do all of their growing, harvesting and fermenting on the grounds) and they were hosting a wine, cheese and bread faire. I’ve been excited about this event for the past month and it did not let down!

excited for wine, cheese and bread!

excited for wine, cheese and bread!

One of our favorite cheese-makers at a local farmer’s market had a table at the winery. I literally jumped for joy when I saw it. We got a package of their cow’s cheese with basil and garlic. It’s delicious with almost everything: apples, crackers, multigrain chips. YUM!

not the same cheese-maker but still delicious!

not the same cheese-maker but still delicious!

All of the wineries were doing free tastings since the event came with a ticket price. We also got free insulated tote bags and a free wine glass as well. There were a bunch of food vendors that were handing out samples throughout the day. Even a lot of gluten-free options, too!

pouring straight from the barrel!

pouring straight from the barrel!

Saturday night we made our way to a friend’s house. There’s a website called Houseparty that you sign up for and you get chosen for whichever events you sign up for. Some of them you’re more likely to get chosen for than others. The first one we went to was a Mad Men house party. They sent our friend and host a box of goodies that included: cocktail cups and napkins, a tee-shirt with a fake lipstick stain on it, swizzle sticks, and masks, among other things.

This weekend’s party was for the game Telestrations. It’s basically the game telephone that you played as a child meets pictionary. The box inculded the mascot, as a little bendy toy, a box of tissues because, “you’ll laugh so hard you cry!” (we did, actually), the game itself, some more masks and all of the necessities to play the game (dry erase boards, markers, dice, a timer).

Let me tell you how much fun this game was. Each person draws a card. The card has 6 words on it (or it might have a blank line which means make your own). One person rolls the die and that number denotes which word you use on the card. Each person then draws his or her word, and passes it over to the player to his or her right (or left, whichever you choose). That person must guess what the drawing is. Then it moves again, and the next person draws what the word says. I’ll write you a math equation:

Drinking + terrible drawing skills = hilarity.

You’re also timed on how long you get to draw. So you could have only half your drawing done and have to pass to the next person. Unless that person is psychic, it’s hard to get it right. But that makes it even more funny at the end when you go through all the drawings and guesses.

We played the game for about 3 hours and I made good use of the “laugh so hard you cry” tissues.

Sunday was a very different day, but still a good one. I had an unusual day to myself because Todd was hiking with a friend so that left me to do whatever I wanted. There was some stuff around the house that needed to get done and I did it all! I’ll even make you a list so you can see how much I did:

– put dishes from the drying rack away
– put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
– ran the dishwasher
– cleaned the stove
– cleaned and organized counters
– organized pantry
– moved in the previously-owned-and-re-painted wine rack
– put alcohol on said wine rack
– swept kitchen
– cleaned off and orgnized things on the dining room table
– set up payments for credit card bills
– cleaned off the coffee table
– fixed the cover on the couch
– vacuumed the living room
– cleaned out the fridge
– took out the trash
– took out the recycling
– made a box of “to the garage” stuff from under the sink and pantry
– did a load of towels (including washing, drying and folding)
– showered
– put away clothes that had been sitting for a week
– made a meal plan for the week
– went food shopping
– put away groceries
– watched about 15 episodes of HIMYM
– finished reading This Perfect Day by Ira Levin

Most of that (everything but the last two) were done before 4pm. I was a machine! Despite how much I got done and how active I was, I managed to not get tired enough to sleep until well after midnight. I blame finishing the book because I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’ll do a review of it later on!

I tend to try to make the most out of weekends because during the weekdays, it’s hard to get a lot done at once because it’s always after work. And who wants to do a bunch of chores after work? Not me. Did you do anything exciting this weekend?


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