A Giant Pain in the … Wrist?

17 Jul

This post is difficult to write. Literally. Tendinitis of the wrist is painful and the brace they’ve put me in is hellishly cumbersome. I type roughly 96 words per minute normally, and currently, I’d say I’m at about 25… if that. Not to mention it’s my dominant hand so most things I’ve been doing with my left hand.

Supposedly, using your non-dominant hand helps stimulate your brain. I’m not sure if my brain is not stimulated enough or too stimulated seeing as how I’ve lost track of what I’m saying in this post about five times already.

This post is going to be relatively short considering how difficult it is to type. It is also meant as a warning: I might not be posting much in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping for a fast recovery.


2 Responses to “A Giant Pain in the … Wrist?”

  1. lazylauramaisey July 18, 2012 at 3:43 am #

    Get well soon!

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