Fireworks (Boom Boom)

5 Jul

Whenever there’s a holiday upon us, everyone and their mothers post a cliché picture on Facebook or Instagram. For Independence Day (aka Fourth of July), the pictures are of fireworks. It’s obvious why: they’re breathtaking. The boom, the smell of fire, the bright flashes, the sparkling cascades. We all want to capture that and savor that moment. And every year I think, “I could do without fireworks,” but then go see them anyway and am reminded again of why I love these kinds of holidays.

I will admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Todd asked me, aside from Halloween, what would my other favorite holidays be? I’m not big on Christmas. Easter is just a load of baloney if you’re not a practising Catholic and it’s just a reason to eat a lot of fruit and danish. I think I eventually decided on Thanksgiving, because it includes all the deliciousness that Christmas also offers, but without the obligatory gift-giving.

This decision came before the fireworks though and I think afterwards, my mind changed. All day long, we sat by a pool, drank beer, ate snacks and large cuts of meat, and just enjoyed the day. Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t like that. There are obligations you have to attend to and hundreds of things to worry about. Independence Day is a day to celebrate being American (or ‘Murican!). I’m very proud to be an American, even if I don’t seem like it outwardly. Having a dad that serves for our military gives me many reasons to be patriotic.

After Halloween, Independence Day is my second favorite holiday. Decision made. What’s your favorite holiday?


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