19 Jun

I realized just now how much I love to use parentheses. I use them fairly often. It’s like adding a little secret inside of a sentence. It’s a tiny sidenote for an insight on what you really mean. It can be a story told so as to hint at an underlying message without totally giving it away.

I would say I use parentheses fairly liberally. If I’m writing a somewhat lengthy email to a friend, I’ll use two, maybe three sets. I just can’t help myself!

But commas… I use them only when necessary. The Oxford comma and I are not friends. I deem you unnecessary, Oxford comma! Your pause is exorbitant, overused and grandiloquent.

What’s your favorite piece of punctuation?


One Response to “Parentheticals”

  1. rambler5319 July 5, 2012 at 4:03 am #

    Has to be the colon (:). It’s kind of like a concierge at let’s call it “The Grammar Hotel”. It opens a door to more information about what has gone before. It beckons you in. It makes you want to know what’s behind that “colon” door. It is a sign that there is more to follow if you keep reading – if you go through that door. For instance, it tells you that a list may come next giving examples of something mentioned before – so “the house had many attractive features: a pebble-dash exterior, a rear conservatory and uPVC windows and doors.” It may also provide an intro to an explanation of a term – so “The house was in the mock Tudor style: black painted wood beams and white finish with leaded windows.”

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