Life of a Bus Passenger, Part 4

18 Jun

One afternoon, the bus ride home went a little differently than usual. At the stop before mine and Todd’s, a man stopped the bus driver and asked to have everyone’s attention. My first thought was that something had been stolen or someone had been hurt. Todd thought that he was going to try to sell us stuff.

What happened was something out of the ordinary though, sadly. He told us a story about how a woman on the bus did a very kind act. An elderly couple (he called them “the other side of youngness”) got off at her stop across town and had planned to walk a few miles to their home in the scorching heat. She offered to drive them home. Two complete strangers. And he wanted to commend her for her act.

I’m not a hardened person, but I would call myself cynical. I generally assume the worst because that’s just what I’ve known. The news is always about people being killed and war and disease (which is why I love Huffington Post, they have a section dedicated to good news!).

Now, I’m not saying this restored my faith in humanity. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


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