What’s in a smile?

12 Jun

A smile can do a lot of things. You might not realize that. I think about it constantly.

I paid a lot of money (actually I’m still paying) to have straight teeth. I never had a terrible mouth. I was told by dentists that I had beautiful teeth. They just weren’t straight enough for my liking. Mostly just the bottom row… and to some people this might be inconsequential. But to me, it was important.

Ask any of my friends, I will almost always comment on a beautiful, gleaming mouth of chompers, and equally as often point out an ugly mug full of snaggleteeth. I know not everyone has access to great dental care, but there’s something so aesthetically pleasing to me about a beautiful smile.

After saying all of this, you might find it odd to hear that I feel awkward when I smile. I’m not talking about the smiling when I’m with great friends, having a drink and telling hilarious stories. I’m talking about the smile when you pass someone familiar at work and feel the need to acknowledge them so they don’t think you’re a total jerkwad.

In my mind, this smile looks more like I’m straining to lift the edges of my lips to snarl. But if I give them a full-mouth smile, I look like a crazed jackal. You’d think having worked in retail for so many years I would have found a way to remedy this. Unfortunately I feel more awkward than ever. I can’t even say “hello” to someone as opposed to smiling because it’ll typically turn into “hoherr…” or some other mumbled version of a greeting.

Maybe I should stop overthinking all of this. Maybe I’ll just start waving and full-teeth smiling and saying “HELLO FRIEND!” to everyone I see. That will definitely make people like me.


2 Responses to “What’s in a smile?”

  1. Calyn June 13, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    hahaha PLEASE do that. “HELLO FRIEND! HOW ARE YOU?? đŸ˜€ :D”

    • paigetopus June 13, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

      I just like smiling; smiling’s my favorite!

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