I am from…

8 Jun

I wrote this in high school and my mom decided to post it on Facebook, for some ungodly reason. So I figure, why not share it with you all?!

It was based on a simple set-up that my creative writing teacher gave us called “I am from…” I had a lot of fun with it and it brings up a lot of great memories. So here we go!

I am from an Orange Julius shop, from a moving truck and a blue Dodge Colt.
I am from 4 square and a ceramic USA cow.
Want some bacon? And Diet Coke.
I am from forts in the living room and wedding dress hooks.

I am from Chuck E Cheese birthdays and rainy Christmases.
Giant checkers and Chutes and Ladders.
I am from creaky cellar stairs and small cellar doors.
From a firefighter family and ice cream cakes.

I am from fruit salad for every occasion.
I am from Mississippi summers and Delware winters.
The parrot in the downstairs apartment and New Orleans day trips.
I am from Egyptian Halloweens and Garth Brooks.

“Unless you’re 65, come in the back door,” and brown shag carpets.
I am from homemade rice krispie treats and Sunday School.
I am from “There’s room for one more in the backyard,” and “you’re not dating ’til you’re married.”
From backyard golfing and giant Palmetto bugs.

I am from “All you need is a hockey helmet,” and making letters on the trampoline.
From a bright red Blazer and a roaring Honda motorcycle.
I am from Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Beatles.
From pomegranates and strawberry shortcakes.

I am from Mather Air Force Base and jackrabbits.
From a dog that always came back and a baby blue Ford.


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