Pinterest Food Challenge!

1 Jun

What’s that you say? Pinterest Food Challenge? That sounds like fun!

My friend Stephanie, over at Sandpaper and Glue has started a little challenge! You can view her post here: Stephanie’s Pinterest Food Challenge!

The basic idea is to use the recipes that are posted on pinterest and document the making. Stephanie wisely pointed out: “what’s the point of pinning all these things if I’m never going to do anything about it?”

Lately I’ve been cooking a lot more than I ever have in my life. Pinterest has actually given me a lot of great ideas and I’ve used quite a few of them.

Here’s a link to the Food board on my pinterest page: Paige’s Food Board

I haven’t documented all of the recipes that I’ve used from the site, so I’ll post links in this post to start, talk a little bit about them, and from now on, I’ll put up posts of the other recipes I’ve used!

Garlic Monkey Bread
This recipe is one of my absolute favorites. I made it once a couple of months ago for a party and it basically turned into a brawl over who got to eat the entire bin. They’re super easy to make, only include a few ingredients, and are great for ad libbing whatever herbs you have! You can use whole wheat organic biscuits or the full-fat (super tasty) regular ones (with the delectable butter nibs that are packed into each biscuit). The last time I made them I added rosemary and almost died when they came out of the oven from the luscious scent. I wanted to live inside these biscuits!

Edamame Salad
This is a great summer recipe. Very light, takes almost no time to make, and is delicious! I excluded the mint when I made it because it’s not something I keep around, and it was still tasty. We had it with turkey burgers and ice cold beers.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese
Warning: this recipe is THICK. It was not one of my favorite dishes. I looove lovelove my slow cooker, and I’m pretty great at cooking larger cuts of meat and veggies in it. This mac and cheese though was a little too dry for my taste. The slow cooking process removed a lot of the liquid and left it with the consistency of glue. I’m sure if there were more liquid it would be a lot better though.

Avocado Chicken Salad
This was another recipe that didn’t impress me too much. I like avocado when it’s mashed with garlic, lime and onions and smothered onto salty multigrain tortilla chips. If you LOVE avocado, go for this recipe. It was just a little too much for me.

OMG Chicken
This chicken is DUH-licious. You will definitely say “OHMYGAH!” when you try it. The recipe uses Hellman’s Mayo. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re trying to stay on the light side and eat more healthy, try using sour cream or greek yogurt. I use sour cream and panko crumbs. It turns out amazingly creamy every time, even if you use light sour cream. Highly suggest you make this chicken! (sidenote: I adore garlic and put it in almost everything; this recipe did not go well with garlic [or I just put too much in] but I would recommend trying it without first!)

Creamy Chicken Taquitos
Another winning recipe! These are very easy to make and are great for groups of people to munch on or for dinner! The first time I made these I tried both corn tortillas and gordita tortillas. The corn batch came out crunchy, and definitely tasty, but I preferred the other ones. They were soft and just the right amount of chewy. You can also play around with the ingredients on this and it’ll still be great.

If you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, try these recipes! A lot of them include basic items like chicken, common spices, and easily found dairy products (like cream cheese and parmesan and butter). They can all be changed very simply to make more healthy and most can easily be doubled for larger groups.

Can’t wait to keep going with this challenge! Make sure to check out my Food Board on Pinterest and let me know if you have more ideas or if you try one of these awesome recipes! I’ll also try to post other recipes that I find online (including recipes from Food on the Table or one of the many food blogs that I drool over daily!)


3 Responses to “Pinterest Food Challenge!”

  1. Stephanie June 1, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    yay!! 🙂


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