This one’s about stress

25 May

Recently, Todd and I joined a gym. We found out that because of our state jobs we could get $20 off of a monthly joint membership. Sign us up!

There are stipulations though to this discount:
One must attend a demo of all machines in the gym!
One must do a body composition test to find out how grossly overweight one is!
One must take a one-time nutrition class!

Fortunately it’s all pretty easy stuff. The demo we did right off the bat. It took less than 15 minutes because the “trainer” was less than inclined to actually demonstrate the machines. We all basically know what we’re doing though… right?

The body composition test is this Saturday and I’m overjoyed about donning a bathing suit in front of strangers and finding out how much of my made-for-baby-producin’ body is comprised of fat.

The nutrition class is one that I will remember, though. Our enthusiastic instructor was down-to-earth and up front with us. You want to eat candy? Eat candy, just don’t eat a bucketload. You want bacon? Sure! Just don’t eat a whole package in one sitting. She emphasized portion control, getting the right amounts of fruit, veggies, protein and grains, exercising regularly.

One thing I took away most though was a lesson on stress. Stress can cause one to gain weight and/or retain fat. Did you know that!? I sure as heck didn’t. It made me think though… the little things really get to you sometimes. When little events aggravate you, you get frustrated and that frustration leads to a lousy mood… which leads to more stress, and so on, and so forth.

So here’s a test for myself: I’m going to let the little things just roll off. Last night was the perfect example:

Todd and I were on our way during rush hour to go have dinner with my grandparents. I decided that not taking the freeway would be a better idea but somehow we got stuck in major traffic that had us at about 0mph … roughly. The woman in the Nissan SUV behind us was clearly aggravated that she had to SIT in TRAFFIC on a SUNNY FREAKING DAY! She was shaking her head, furrowing her brow. And what were Todd and I doing? AIR BANDING! I had lead guitar on “Stairway to Heaven” and Todd swayed gently with his bass. Eventually I look up from my rockstar performance (fans were cheering) and Disgruntled Debbie was, well, she was SMILING!

It made me so incredibly happy that my new experiment not only saved me and Todd some worrying, but also brightened someone else’s day. And the fact that I could make someone else smile with my ridiculous (albeit not uncommon) antics? Even better.


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