This one is about Food

14 May

I’m back! Not that I’ve gone anywhere, just haven’t had any bloggy inspiration strike as of late. But reading food blogs has gotten me in the mood for talking about food.

In the past few years I’ve become much more of a cook than I was previously. When living at home with my parents, I would eat whatever easy stuff was in the fridge (a sandwich or leftovers) or whatever my mom and/or dad cooked for dinner. My dad would always make firehouse proportions of pretty heavy food to sustain you, like poor man’s lasagna or American chop suey. My mom does more of the American-style three-piece meal, like roasted chicken (my favorite IN THE WORLD), some type of vegetable and a side, like rice or pasta. I’ve recreated a few of their time-tested recipes and made a few of my own in the time that I’ve moved to California. Todd and I are all about equality in a relationship, so since he’s not much of a cook, I do almost all of the cooking and he does all of the dishes. It’s win-win, really.

I’m not always down for cooking a Shepherd’s pie or chicken casserole (which is three generations old, if not older!). One of my new favorite ways to find recipes is pinterest. Many of the recipes I’ve just happened upon, very few I’ve searched for. And a lot of them I’ve tried word for word the first time, but branched out and done different things with subsequentially.

My new favorite recipe is actually for biscuits. The recipe uses store-bought buttermilk biscuits, butter, garlic, parsley and parmesan. Very simple to make, sort of a savory monkey bread, but in muffin or cupcake tins. The first time I made them they were tasty. They weren’t the best biscuits I had ever had but they were definitely worth doing again. I’ve had friends tell me that they will eat the entire bin themselves, and I believed them.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I thought these little treats would be a perfect addition to BBQ tri tip. And I was right. But this time, I added just a tad bit of rosemary and I almost died before they were even out of the oven because they just smelled so absolutely delicious. They were a huge hit and I’m glad I branched out a little and added rosemary, one of my mom’s favorite herbs.

So do you cook? And where did you learn your skills? I love new recipes and I’m all about sharing them. If you want this one, let me know!


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