‘Merica, heck yeah!

19 Apr

Let me start by saying that I am not the kind of person to talk in a public forum about my beliefs or ideas on sensitive issues such as war, politics or religion… or diets for that matter. But I’ve got something to say today.

The kind of people in my life are the ones that make a funny situation out of a not-so-happy one. For instance: my diatribe on facebook about users’ posting of, in my opinion, inappropriate videos/articles/etc. on his or her non-support of the troops.

Especially when the piece points out in particular one bad thing that someone in the military did because he or she couldn’t take the pressure of war and seeing his or her countrymen dying and he or she went and did something irrational and totally not-okay in ANY American’s eyes.

And so said-FB user posts that (s)he does not support the troops.

What my friends and family have done in response to my FB status stating that I will unfriend you if you post things of this content, is come up with insane ideas like the “Shave the Troops campaign” and my dad saying that yes, he is a monkey with a gun, beard and mustache.

My people know when to take things seriously and when to have fun as well as the appropriate outlet for these emotions. Obviously the serious part is not meant for facebook.

My mom posts all sorts of “yay America!” or “here’s why the troops are rocking!” things. And I’m cool with that. She’s supporting her husband and partner in life and I’m all about that.

But for someone to post something so full of hatred and ignorance toward a group of people that, 99% of the time, are trying to secure our freedom and promote democracy? That’s just anti-American.


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