Hair Trauma

4 Apr

As some of you know, I recently went through a hair trauma… a hairtastrophe, if you will. Some people are severely attached to their hair… like me. I had long, luscious, big, soft curls. Until I went to the wrong hair stylist. In a mix of what was her not paying attention, me not wearing my glasses, and no one in the salon to say “STOP IT WITH THE SCISSORS ALREADY!” … I ended up with the shortest hair style I’ve had since I was 6.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love trying out new hair styles and seeing what my hair will do in all its curly crazy glory. But I was not prepared to go from past-the-shoulder curly hair to a hair style that I can only describe as “grandma-esque.” I wanted something angled, layered, and just past the chin – something sassy and edgy and new. What I got was short, short, and more short… with some short bangs. Everyone told me how great it looked and how it fit my face and blah blah blah. And I just kept saying over and over, this wasn’t what I asked for. The worst part was that I had a picture in front of this woman’s face and she blatantly ignored it, answered her phone, and just did not pay attention to me or what I wanted.

But, friends, I have good news. I have found a hair stylist that not only fixed what this woman ruined, but she’s restored my faith in hair stylists. I’ve always had great hair cuts, no matter who I went to, and this ONE person managed to ruin my love of going to the salon, getting a little pampered, and walking out with my curly head held high.

After my last hair cut, I left the salon with my head down, cried for hours, bought a few different products, a hat, and tried to conceal my hair from everyone possible.

Last night, I walked out of my new favorite salon, went to a pastry shop and talked with a friend. I felt confident; I felt a little edgy; and most importantly I felt comfortable with my hair again.

My new stylist helped me remember what a great hair cut is all about. She took no less than five minutes touching and looking at my hair to see what it was like and get to know it (and me!). She told me exactly what she planned to do, why and how it was going to look after. She trimmed it little by little instead of hacking off large chunks. She chatted with me (and my friend that I brought along in case of another hairmergency) and made me feel comfortable with her. In short, she saved my (hair’s) life!


One Response to “Hair Trauma”

  1. lazylauramaisey April 4, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    I totally understand hairtastrophe

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