For My Future Children

29 Mar

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I can’t wait! Well, I can wait. I definitely do NOT want kids right now. I still have a lot of traveling to do and tattoos to get and adult beverages to consume. But I want to start cataloging things that I want my future kids to know/have/be/etc.

– I want to read to my children every night. I’ve always loved reading. My grandmother read to me every chance she got and I still remember some of the books she read to me. I think she’s the reason for my love of all things lit. I want my kids to love it like I do.

– I want my children to play whichever sport they want or participate in whichever hobbies. Little Jacob wants to do ballet? Let’s get some tights on him! Isobel wants to play football? Time to get some shoulder pads! Christopher wants to swallow knives in a side show? Well that might be one we have to talk about…

– My children will have a great sense of humor. That’s not even an if, it is a definite.

– My children will love weird food. Having a sister 8 years younger than me has already given me an advantage on this. We had a rule in my house that you had to try something that you had never tried just once, and if you hated it, you never had to eat it again. That led to me trying some very different things, making my sister try it, and ending up with a family that likes some different foods than most of your average white, American families.

That’s all for today’s edition of For My Future Children. What do you want your kids to have or do or know or be? If you have kids, are there certain things you’ve started teaching them?


4 Responses to “For My Future Children”

  1. Stephanie March 29, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    Matt & I have talked about the the hobby thing a ton- I don’t care at all what they want to do as long as they do SOMETHING. and they can try as much crap as they want until they find it!
    i have lists like this too, and kids are years away for me. but i just think that my mom forgot a lot of things about being a kid by the time she actually had one, and it’s important to me that i not do the same.

    • paigetopus March 29, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

      awesome. I totally agree. my kids can try whatever the heck they want until they find something they love.

  2. Matt Stratton March 29, 2012 at 7:38 pm #

    That food thing? Easier said that done. My wife and I both used to say the EXACT same thing.

    Now we’re just happy if the damn kids eat anything. Although I think that just has to do with the age. Two year olds don’t understand “if this, then that”, so “just one bite” doesn’t mean anything.

    When these kids are three, though…watch out. The little wieners are going to be eating unagi and LIKING it.

    • paigetopus March 30, 2012 at 8:27 am #

      Yeah I definitely remember that rule coming into action when we could understand what it meant. I was SUPER picky before the age of 13 or so which is what I think prompted the rule.

      And I actually hate unagi 🙂 but I’ve tried it at least!

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