The Final Countdown

29 Jun

Updating post as of June 15, 2012
(cue music…) This one’s about my impending roadtrip to California!

In 20 days I’ll be leaving the east coast. I’m moving to California! I got into Sac State so I’m going to grad school there for English Literature. I found a place to live with a few amazing girls. (ha! amazing my ass. one of them was the most stuck up, self-centered, spoiled biznatches I’ve ever met IN MY LIFE.) I’ve yet to find a job though.

Part of what I’m really excited for is getting to drive cross country. I did it once with my parents and a cat but I was 6 so I didn’t really have much of an experience. Aside from 6 days in a backseat with a cat. Gross. I’m driving across with two awesome friends (ended up just being Nicole) and we plan to take so many pictures that our Facebook friends will hate us. Nicole wants to keep a travel journal and I really like the idea. It will help when I go to put pictures in my scrapbook later on down the road. (still haven’t added stuff from the trip to my scrapbook.)

We mapped out our route this weekend and I highlighted it in our Rand McNally atlas. We also have a mascot! Nicole made Tim a Yip Yip alien (you know, the ones from Sesame Street? Yiiip yip yip yip. Nooope nope nope). (originally this post had a picture, but I’m not going to hunt it down.)

I’m excited for driving and sing-alongs and picture ops and Chicago and Denver and San Francisco as possible side-stops. I’m excited for greasy food and lots of caffeine. I’m excited for sunsets and sunrises. I’m excited for heart-to-heart chats about life, love, and the opposite gender being stupid. I’m also especially excited to see Ross, whom I haven’t seen since January. I’m excited to see his new house and meet his roommates. I’m also very excited to see Jessica. I’m excited at the possibility of new friends and learning new things.

If possible, I might try to blog from the road. I plan to have my laptop within reach and not packed away. Plus I’ll need to check my Twitter…


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