Halloween How-To … in June!

29 Jun

Updating post as of June 15, 2012
This one is about my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!!

Despite being a pretty up-beat person, I like being dead for Halloween. I’ve done this 2 years running now.

2007 – Zombietastic:

This costume was pretty easy to put together. Just took some old worn jeans, ripped ’em up a little more, did the same with a white t-shirt. The only things I had to buy were the blood, white and black make-up, and the fake wounds. All together I don’t think I spent more than $20!

2008 – Dead 1986 Prom Queen:









This costume was a LOT more fun to do than the zombie one, although I did spend a tad bit more money. The dress I found at a Salvation Army and paid about $7 for. I also had to buy ribbon for the sash, iron-on letters, and a crown. Overall, less than $30, though, which still isn’t bad for a rockin’ Halloween costume. I hemmed the dress a little (okay, my mom hemmed it) with some hemming tape and I made the sash myself.

Halloween 2009: maybe a dead Harajuku girl? Or a dead school teacher? Who knows!

Update: for Halloween 2009 I was a dead bride and Jess was my dead groom. She helped me make a dress out of some tulle and other random white fabrics. We got her an old suit and cut it up and put blood and make-up all over ourselves. Check it out:









This one was on the cheap too. Probably about $30 for all of the make up, fabric and fake wounds.

2010: I painted my face like a sugar skull. It wasn’t my best year:









And 2011: I was an 80’s vampire! I had such a great time with this one.








I used a banana clip in my hair and teased the ever loving crap out of it. I distressed the jeans myself and cut up the t shrit I got at a good will type store. This was another cheap costume. The converse I already owned; the jeans and shirt were from good will; the banana clip was about $3 at Rite Aid. Definitely one of my favorite costumes.

What’s in store for this year? I’ve always wanted to be a Silent Hill nurse! Let’s see if I can pull that together 🙂


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