Dear You…

29 Jun

Updating post as of June 15, 2012
These are some “anonymous” letters I wrote. I’m hilarious.

Dear Sweetamundo,

You are old, fat, and balding. Using words like “sweetamundo” and “shazzam” on a daily basis are not becoming. When you “beat box” it makes me want to shove pencils in my ears until my eardrums bleed.


Tired of Your Antics


Dear West Coast,

I know you are anxiously awaiting my arrival. Be patient! I’ll be there soon. Only 20 days until I leave!

Forever Yours,

A California Girl


Dear Tall Guy,

You really thought that one of my really good friends would make out with you to “make [me] jealous?” All that body and not an ounce of common sense. You are a moron. I have evicted you from my life!

Most Annoyed,

(I would have deleted it but the part where I say I’ve evicted him from my life made me LOL)


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