Paging Dr. Paige!

19 May

Updating post as of June 15, 2012
Not sure why I titled it that, because I was going to get an MA, not a Ph D.

Last week I found out I got into grad school. In high school, when I applied for colleges I don’t really remember worrying; I remember thinking, “I applied to a few schools, I’ll get in to at least one.” But this time was different, since I’m dumb and waited too long to apply to more than one grad school. So I worried for 10 weeks and checked the mail thoroughly and wondered, “What if I don’t get in?” And then I got an e-mail congratulating me. Really? I mean I’m all for eliminating paper waste but I woke up with a hangover and was checking my email while sitting next to my best friend’s brother who was 100% more hungover than I was. It was just strange.

So since I found out I’ve moved on to worrying about bigger and better things. Like financial aid. And finding a job. And finding an apartment. And whether or not I’ll be able to pay for grad school or if I’ll just end up with $14,000 more in loans. I think I’m just a worrier. ($14k? HA! More like $40k)

I’ve also started getting bills for my undergrad loans. Those total roughly $18,600. Thank goodness for being an RA for two years because it would have been more like $30,000 otherwise.

Aside from all the worrying, I’m super excited to move back to California. I was born there and lived there until I was almost 7, until my dad started moving us around the country and I was officially a military brat.
I’m excited for warm weather all the time, the ability to sit by a pool for hours on end, not being so pale all year round. There are so many things I just can’t cram them all into one thought.

And I’ve edited the rest out because it’s really not important anymore!


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