“About me” type thing

19 May

Updating post as of June 15, 2012
This one is like a survey… like you used to do on LiveJournal. Yup.

I’ve been reading a blog on blogspot that I enjoy, and when I find a blog I like I tend to start at the beginning. So I stole this from a very old blog (very old meaning only a couple years) and I figured it would be fun to do. Here goes:

Accent: I don’t think I have an accent. I use typical Bostonian words like “wicked” and “market” and the like, but I’m not from the area and have grown up in very different parts of the country. So no accent, really. (Still use market, but not wicked as much anymore. And I’ve adopted west coast words like ‘freeway’ as opposed to ‘highway’.)

I Don’t Drink: Southern Comfort. I’ve realized it makes me black out! Generally I drink a lot of water, coffee, and juice though. Oh, and the occasional Diet Coke.

Chore I Hate: All of them? Hm. Specifically folding clothes from the dryer (except in the winter when it’s cold out and my clothes are warm). Or doing the dishes. I hate the way glass feels coming right out of the dishwasher.

Pets: I have three! One dog, she’s a belgium shepherd, named Lou. She’s adorable but sheds like a mother. I also have two cats, Phil and Foxy. Phil is your typical fat indoor cat that likes to go outside, nom on some grass, and then come back in and spit it up. Foxy is cute but strange. (But now I have Cole too and he’s the [feline] love of my life.)

Essential Electronic: My cell phone. I text a lot. I am also in love with my MacBook but I don’t use it as much as I did at school.

Perfume/Cologne: I like simple scents. My daily perfume is just pineapple from Bath & Body. But I also like to wear CK1 sometimes. (I still use these [and probably the same bottles] as well as Dream from GAP.)

Insomnia: Only when I have a lot on my mind.

Job Title: Working through a temp agency right now at a state department. Starting in August I’ll be a student again.

Kids: None, but I definitely want them. At least two, but no more than four because I think that’s too much, especially if they’re close in age. And I want at least one girl and one boy.

Religion: None. I consider myself agnostic despite being raised going to church.

Siblings: Just one. She’s your typical 14 year old. (17 now!)

Time I Wake Up: On weekdays usually around 6:45. On weekends anywhere from 8 to 10:30.

Unusual Talent/Skill: I don’t think I really have one.. hm. I make awesome mix CDs though.

Vegetable I Refuse To Eat: I actually really enjoy vegetables. I suppose peas aren’t my favorite, but I’ll eat them. Are olives vegetables? If they are, I hate them.

Worst Habit: I play with my hair a lot.

My Favorite Meal: I enjoy a lot of types of food. A good homecooked meal is always the best though. Like a roaster with potatoes, or roasted chicken and fresh veggies and some mashed potatoes, or my mom’s chicken casserole. THAT is to die for. It’s the best winter-time pick-me-up type of meal. Also, I could eat sushi every day.

That’s all for today!


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