I like Irish Oatmeal from Ireland

15 May

Updating post as of June 15, 2012 
A funny story about a guy that worked at the MA state job I was at temporarily.

Since my endeavor into the blogosphere started while I was at work, I thought I’d talk about work people.

I work for a state department in Massachusetts. The part of the company I work for deals with spills. I sit nearby some guys who work for the Emergency Response team. There are 6 of them, if I am correct. Five of them aren’t bad, and one is downright annoyingly moronic. This man (on an everyday basis, but not to his face), I call Sweetamundo.

Guess why!

That’s one of his favorite things to say. He’s so amazingly stupid I can’t even comprehend half of the things he says. Sometimes he sings the word… “sweeeet-amundooooo” and I want to crack my skull on my desk that’s older than my grandfather. (I was really great with words…)

Here’s a physical description: about 5′8″, slightly overweight (okay, he’s got a nice gut going on), bald. He once referred to himself as “a gentle giant” and I almost spewed my Diet Coke all over my cube.

Enough about Sweetamundo though, because I’m sure there will be more posts dedicated to his cliche-riddled speech later.

Let’s talk about Stinky. She works in the same department as I do, doing the same job. She’s only worked there for about 3 months longer than I have but somehow thinks she is above me. On a good day she smells like urine and men’s cologne. On a bad day, mix those with some old fish. She’s also whiskery.

Now, it’d be one thing if she was a sweet older lady who just smelled a little bad. It’s another thing when she’s constantly talking down, and “accidentally” getting in my way or what have you. I once asked her for a file and reached for it (only a couple feet away from her) and she seriously put it on the desk right next to my open hand. This woman is a righteous bitch. (yikes! obviously I loathed this job. I’m sorry, smelly lady, for writing angry things on the interwebz about you)

These people are only a fraction of the numbskulls I have daily interactions with. I probably shouldn’t about them on weeknights since I have to listen to their lame banter all day Monday through Friday.

Definitely expect more Sweetamundo-isms in the future though.


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