101 (or probably a lot less) Facts about Paige

15 May

Updating post as of June 15, 2012 
The one in which I talk a lot about myself.

Here’s an easy get-to-know-me post:

1. I’ve lived all over the US. My dad was active duty Air Force for most of my life so I’m a bona fide military brat (I would argue that the brat part isn’t true… but it probably is). (oh it definitely is)

2. I think this is what has inspired my love/want/NEED to travel. I haven’t done much, but not for lack of trying. I’ve been to many random pieces of the country, and also some parts of Canada. (sadly, still true. we’re planning a trip to Portland, Oregon in the future though!)

3. My top 3 destinations to visit would be: Japan, Spain, and the Swiss Alps. I hate the cold but I would LOVE to take a beautiful train ride up a snowy mountain while sipping spiked hot chocolate. (still very true. I’d also love to live in Europe for some period of time in my life)

4. removed

5. I love to bake, but I rarely go out of the conventional chocochip cookie and buttercream frosted cupcakes realm. I need to work on this. (I have worked on this!)

6. I love to bake things for others. Generally when I bake, I rarely eat more than one or two of the offerings I have so lovingly crafted.

7. I also love to make mix CDs for my friends. They’re tailor-made and usually have some sort of theme.

8. I rarely do work at work. This is what happens when you get a job through a temp agency that has nothing to do with what you have your degree in.

9. My friends are amazing and I don’t tell them how much I appreciate them often enough. I need to work on this.

10. I don’t want this list becoming a list of short-comings. Change: now.

11. I am short and I love it. Not certified-little-person status, but short enough that guys tell me how cute it is that I’m short and I revel in this.

12. Where did my cursor go? It disappeared as I was spell-checking…

13. Sometimes I’m absent-minded. I’m okay with this. (still true…)

14. I’m also easily confusable. Most times people don’t take advantage of this, which is good.

15. I’m very clumsy and have a self-diagnosed short-term memory problem. The other day I opened a cabinet door, bent down to clean something off of the floor, stood up and proceeded to slam my head into the door. Things like this happen often and I usually have at least a couple bruises or scrapes somewhere on my person.

16. removed

17. removed

18. I could handle alcohol very well in college. I don’t know if I’ve just lost my tolerance or if I really am just getting old. I could down half a bottle of rum when I was 18 and be ready and rarin’ to go the next morning at 10:30 for brunch. Now I have 3 Sams and I’m in bed until noon with a bottle of Gatorade glued to my hand.

19. Subsequently, my taste in alcohol has greatly changed since college.  In any case, I enjoy beer, which I did not in college, as well as wine. My favorite is Yellow Tail’s Pinot Grigio. I have many favorite beers. Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to that.

20. Pinot Grigio is fun to type, because when I type it I say in my head, “Pee-not gree-gee-oh.” Sometimes I’m silly.

21. A lot of times I say things that don’t make sense. Be assured, they made sense in my head.

22. I don’t go on dates – real dates I mean. I think the last date I went on was in May of 2008. That was 10 months ago. This is partially due to the fact that I haven’t really met anyone. I work for a state department and consequentially work around a bunch of older men and women. By older I mean, they have kids and houses and are not datable, even if they were single. (I’m out of the dating game, guys! Sorry to disappoint ;))

23. Dating is a hassle anyway.

24. And why would I want to date someone when I’m moving 3,000 miles in a few short months? A fling might be nice, but refer back to #22.

25. I’m a little obsessive-compulsive about the number 3. Things have to be done in threes. Such as: ice cubes in my cup, the number of times I press an elevator button, etc. (had a discussion with the boyf about this today… he doesn’t get it)

26. I like to think I have a really great sense of humor. When I was 13 my dad told me, “When you get older, you’ll either have a great sense of humor, or need to see a shrink.” Thankfully, the former is the case.

27. I love stupid jokes. I just can’t help myself. (Where does the king keep his armies? In his sleevies!!! :D)

28. I love sushi. I love trying different kinds of sushi. I tried sashimi once and I do not like sashimi. I like veggies and sauces on my raw fish. I will try anything once though. (I love sashimi now! what was I thinking? also, by sashimi I meant nigiri [obviously])

29. And that goes for most things.

30. Growing up in my household we had a rule that you had to try things once (regarding food on the table). This rule applied to any friend that came over for dinner as well.

31. I adore reading. I adore books. I adore characters in books. I could not imagine my life without books. I just recently started going to the library again and I’m so happy. I’ve devoured 2 books (one of a very substantial length) in the past two weeks. I can’t wait to go back.

32. By the way, my cursor came back. I guess it just went on hiatus for a few.

33. Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. Nothing compares. No, not even Christmas.

34. This is partly because I’ve just never had a great Christmas. My dad is in the military and is also a firefighter, so Christmases have rarely been spent with him.

35. I like to make lists.

36. I have a very over-active imagination. I think that’s why I’m so zany sometimes. I concoct ridiculous situations in my head even though I know they won’t play out that way. I just like to imagine the different ways things could go or could have gone.

37. Sometimes I seriously worry about the future. It scares me.

38. I miss those old merry-go-rounds they had at playgrounds. Those were some serious fun.

39. I’m addicted to Twitter. I post random things that probably don’t mean much to most people. Sometimes I just like to have my thoughts heard.

40. I wish I had the money to put more of an edge into my fashion style. I like to think I have a great sense of fashion, but I have a hard time executing it.

41. I just realized the space bar squeaks on the new computer my work just gave me. Annoying.

42. I have roughly 30 pairs of shoes. Every couple of years I go through and purge, but I usually have far too many pairs of shoes than any one person should own.

43. I hate saying hello to people at work. I’m sure they’re mostly good-hearted, hard-working people – but there is no reason I should have to feel awkward and stare at the floor and pretend not to see you until you’re right in front of me STARING at me and then saying hello. I don’t know you, nor do I want to know you. (this is different now considering I actually like my job)

44. When I worked for AE, this was different. It was my job to say hello to people. I liked it there.

45. From reading other blogs, I think I need to start tracking my money. I mean, I see the statements on my bank account online, but I don’t see “This week: $35 on coffee/cafe foods,” and I think I need that. I’ve saved up a good chunk, but I need to save up a whole lot more if I want to move to CA.

46. Oh hey, I want to move back to California. (I did that!)

47. I hate winter. I like snow before Christmas, but after that I hate it. I hate cold; I hate being bundled up; I hate wearing boots; I hate needing something hot to eat for lunch (key word: needing).

48. I’m not sure how long it will take me to completely figure out how this wordpress stuff works. Hopefully not long.

49. I thoroughly revel in my weekends. My weekdays suck so much that I like to make my weekends count something fierce.

50. I have alarmingly unreal dreams. 95% of the time they make zero sense. I’ve been told I should compile a book about them. The problem is that I would come off as a complete wing-nut.

I guess 101 facts was a little much. 50 works for me.


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